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"Reading Patricia Bell's Timeless Love was like reading a constant prayer – it's a literary of loss and liberation."

– Scott B. Silverman

"Patricia Bell’s Timeless Love is a timely book. It recognizes the common, universal yearning for the spiritual healing of grief. Well written and eminently readable, the creative and thought-provoking exercises included in this book are all based on the author’s own journey from the desolation at the loss of a loved one to recognition and acceptance in the ultimate act of trust and faith in yourself."

– Raymond Buckland,
author of "The Spirit Book"
and many others.

"In Timeless Love, Patricia Bell gives us some answers. When someone closes to us passes on, there is inevitable pain. And the questions come. If we could have a better understanding of death and the life beyond death, it would literally shift our entire perspective of life."

– Forward by Robert Friedman, co-author of "Milton's Secret" with Ekhart Tolle

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Timeless Love – By Author
Dr. Patricia Bell

An inspirational book for Healing Timeless Love is my book on healing grief and giving you the answers and comfort to your unspoken questions.

If you have ever had any sort of loss, this book can touch your heart. By addressing the unique relationship your have to someone you have lost be it parent, spouse, child, sibling, or pet, this book explains how each loss affects you differently.

These are the relationships that make up our lives, and healing them makes us whole. You will be guided into rebuilding your life by taking your deep-rooted emotions to the outside world of daily routine and beyond.

Take a deep breath, and read. Healing can come from turning these pages.

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